Designed with both horse and rider in mind, the CommonWealth Collection offers a series of elevated essentials to help you get the most out of every moment, both in and out of the saddle. Crafted from rich leathers and fine textiles, each piece perfectly accentuates the horse's natural elegance. Over the past 2 years, the CommonWealth Collection has been meticulously designed, tested, and developed to ensure superior quality and comfort, and we are so proud to finally share it with you!

CommonWealth Collection

Waterton Leather Halter

Whistler Shipping Halter

Banff Leather & Rope Halter Set

Niagara Short Stud Girth

Powell Short Girth

Rideau Long Girth

Cavell Stability Leathers

Yoho Rolled Leathers

Brome Mono Leathers

Adirondack Wool Cooler

York Grooming Lead

CWS Sheepskin Mitt