Young Horse Program

Benefit: Access to high-end, ergonomic saddles in a trade-in program for young horses and a 1000$ discount applied to a second saddle within 2 years. (If you break it down to a monthly payment, it costs less than 127.08$ CAD/month to access this program).

Much like the Young Rider Program, CommonWealth’s Young Horse Program offers riders developing young horses 3-part coverage for their growing partners. CommonWealth’s curated selection of high-end saddles allows riders to develop their partners in safe, effective, and comfortable saddles that ultimately increase the positive learning dynamic between horse and rider. Comfortable horses are easier to work with, and a good start increases the chances of a successful career. effectiveness of cues for both pony and child.


  • Horse must be under the age of 5 when the first saddle is purchased.
  • Horse must be likely to continue growing.
  • Rider is planning to compete in at least 5 rated shows over 24 months (in hand or under saddle).
  • Valid for Meyer Saddles only.

Key Points:

  • Tailor-made ergonomic saddles start at 6100 CAD.
  • Guaranteed buy-back within 24 months on agreed-upon price.
  • 1000$ discount on the upgraded saddle when the time arrives.


  1. Purchase of new saddle for 6100 CAD.
  2. Within 24 months, CommonWealth will purchase the saddle back, in good condition, for 3050 CAD. 3) Ordering of new Meyer saddle when warranted due to growing horses starting at 2050 CAD (includes trade-in value of saddle at 3050 CAD, 1000$ discount applied, new custom Meyer price at starting at 6100 CAD).

CommonWealth’s Young Horse Program allows riders to keep their young horses in the highest quality saddles on the market, in a stress-free environment. If you break it down monthly, this program can be accessed for as little as 127.08 Cad/month. We don’t currently offer financing on this program, and the program must be pre-paid (ie. you must purchase your saddle, and then we purchase it back), but we do think it’s important to know that there are solutions that allow for proper saddles that are affordable and offer a solution for when it comes to moving on from the saddle. Contact us today for more information and to book your complimentary free fitting.

    Fine Print: Buy Back cannot exceed 3050 CAD plus taxes Program Adherence: purchase of new saddle must be made within 24 months for discount and buyback to occur. Must send photos of a banner displayed at 5 shows over 24 months (proof of shows) and/or saddle and rider in the ring.

    Fittings are always free for any saddle we carry.

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