All fittings are free with CommonWealth Saddles’ curated saddle collection. Fittings take approximately 2 to 2.5 hours for custom saddles (tracings included), and 1 to 1.5 hours for used saddle.

Preparing for your Fitting

In preparation for your fitting, please complete our “Request a Fitting”  form. It is advised that all riders wear helmets and breeches (no jeans) for their fitting, and to advise us of any medical complications or past incidents for both horse and rider. Please also inform us if your horse has any fears, or is known to kick or bite. CommonWealth will choose to postpone or cancel a fitting if a horse or rider appears to be uncomfortable (mentally or physically) in any situation before or during the fitting, or if a fitter is asked to handle a dangerous or fearful horse. We want everyone, fitters included, to remain safe at all times!

We are always happy to come out a second or third time to allow you more time to consider your purchase. We understand that choosing a saddle is a big initiative, which is why we understand that you may need more time. Unfortunately, due to the high demand and volume of clients that we serve, we cannot leave saddles with clients for any duration of time unless on a paid trial.


1. Fitting Intake Forms completed with photos emailed, texted or facebooked through our facebook page to us.

2. Scheduled call to review, answer any questions fitters or riders may have.

3. Appointment: Static fitting and Motion fit (ideally coach is available for competition students for 15-30 minutes during the second part of the fitting).

4. Quote delivered, and follow-up call to answer questions.

5. Invoicing , order placed.

6. Delivery of saddle post build. Estimate 12 weeks approximately, varies by brand.

7. Follow-up saddle checks at delivery, post break-in, 6 months and 1 year.