Meyer Jumping Act 1

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What we love about this saddle

The Meyer Act 1 goes above and beyond for rider stability and equine comfort. This saddle improves rider position acutely and allows the horse to work effortlessly through grids with increased shoulder comfort and ease of movement. It is a welcome addition to the world’s scene and an excellent choice for riders looking to quiet their seat and allow their horse to focus on the task at hand.

Meyer’s Description

Equipped with an enlarged tree, the Jumping Act – 1 saddle balances the pressure on the horse’s back. It releases wither and spinal pressure in order to offer greater comfort and freedom of movement to the horse. Available in various sizes and shapes of seats and flaps, this saddle is tailor made to meet the personalized needs of each rider.

Model Options

  • Seat Shape: Deep, Semi-Deep, Flat, Marianne (narrow twist)
  • Flap Options: Advanced, Classic, Hunter
  • Personalized Welting, Pipping and Edging available
  • Nameplate available
  • Panels: custom-fit panels with various balances.

Additional Details

Brand: Meyer Model: Jumping – Act 1
Available Sizes:  16-18.5 Available Tree Widths: Narrow, Medium, MW, W (25.5 – 29), possible to go wider.
LeatherFull Calf, French Buffalo, Grain Calf Colour Options: Cognac, black, dark brown available  in buffalo.
Order Time:  8 to 10 weeks, dependant on customs. *COVID: 12-16 weeks* Link to Manufacturer Webpage

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