Fitting, Demos and Trials

All fittings are free with CommonWealth Saddles’ curated saddle collection. Fittings take approximately 2 to 2.5 hours for custom saddles (tracings included), and 1 to 1.5 hours for used saddle.

In preparation for your fitting, please complete our “book a fitting”  questionnaire. It is advised that all riders wear helmets and breeches (no jeans) for their fitting, and to advise us of any medical complications or past incidents for both horse and rider. Please also inform us if your horse has any fears, or is known to kick or bite. CommonWealth will choose to postpone or cancel a fitting if a horse or rider appears to be uncomfortable (mentally or physically) in any situation with any indication, at any point before or during the fitting, or if a fitter is asked to handle a dangerous or fearful horse. We want everyone, fitters included, to remain safe at all times.

CommonWealth Saddles is happy to come out a second or third time to allow you more time to consider your purchase. We understand that choosing a saddle is a big initiative, which is why we understand that you may need more time. Unfortunately, due to the high demand and volume of clients that we serve, we cannot leave saddles with clients for any duration of time, regardless of payment in full or not.

Exceptions: At any event where it is not possible to fit the horse before the saddle sale is complete.

  1. For new saddles: CommonWealth’s Guarantee to Fit is still in effect, and a complimentary fitting will be arranged with priority to ensure that adjustments can be made if needed, preferably before the saddle arrives.


  2. For used saddles: more information on trials can be found at our shop, as well as a list of our available saddles, ready to take home today. Click here for this info!

Fittings are always free for any saddle we carry.

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